Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This new site for spelling practice and games came from tbarrett via twitter.

After entering a list of words, students get a choice of activities which include spelling the words after listening to each one read aloud, both alone and in a sentence, word scramble and a hangman game.

This is the blurb for teachers from the site
"1. Tell your students about this site as the best way to practice for their tests.

2. Print out spelling games with your lists such as UnScramble & WordSearch.

3. Save your spelling lists on the site so they are ready for your students to practice with. To save your lists, you start by registering (which is totally free) above.

4. Put a link on your classroom's or school's website so this site is easily accessible to your students.

While SpellingCity is now up and running, it is far from finished. We have alot that we will add. For instance, we will provide printable and online learning games which work automatically with your spelling lists. In the meantime, here are some spelling and vocabulary learning games (which are not yet integrated). Bookmark us and come back soon... "


Paul Hamilton said...

Thanks for sharing this handy resource. There is such elegance in simplicity. Besides, the easier something is to use, the better! I'll probably add my own blog post about this at some point. --Paul

JohnE said...

Elf20 - I'm glad you like Have you seen the new matching game that went up this week? Feedback welcome, we're still tweeking. We should have a major new feature every month or so.

And to Paul. yes, we try to be very simple. But as we add features, it's tricky.
Thanks for mentioning us and passing on the word.