Thursday, January 24, 2008

SortFix - A New Way To Search "start dragging - stop typing". How many times are EFL students frustrated because they simply don't have the vocabulary to refine their websearches.

Sortfix may just be the search engine to solve the problem.

A basic search on SortFix returns a results page which includes 4 boxes or "baskets". The first basket contains "power words" and "power phrases" (relevant keywords and phrases) the second basket contains the original keyword. In order to refine the search all we need to do is drag relevant words or phrases from the first basket into the second basket. There is a 3rd basket entitled "Remove" any results containing words dragged into this basket will be excluded from the search results. The 4th basket the "dictionary" may be useful for more advanced EFL students, however the definitions are too difficult for elementary. Clicking on the "more options" link will allow you to add further functions to the search.

The SortFix help page includes explanations and videos which demonstrate the different functions.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Twitter - @teachable moments

from Langwitches blog…
Teachable Moment Twitter Account
Posted: January 19th, 2008, by Langwitches Following an idea that sprung out at me while I was writing my previous post, I have decided to create a Teachable Moment Shoutout account on Twitter.
The idea is as follows:
We are all looking to inspire and create teachable moments for our students. Many times these are impromptus, non-planned discussions and activities. Sometimes they pass as fast as they came, but will leave a long lasting impression on you and your students.
Our Twitter is relatively new for all of us and we are experimenting and experiencing what it dies for our own and for our students’ learning. Several ones of us have had a great experience with a twitter shoutout, followed by a Skype conversation, blog post and comments as well as direct “conversation” with 140 characters or less.
Tom Barrett’s GeoTweets: Inviting your network into the classroom
Chris Craft & Silvia Tolisano Arabic Mystery Writing
Please subscribe to Teachable Moment on Twitter if you are willing to commit yourself to be available, when your schedule permits, to help another teacher with a shoutout. Remember, that you might be someone’s partner from the other side of the world, which means it might not fall between your school hours, where you are with classes, paperwork or blocked access to twitter/skype. So don’t be shy and add yourself as a follower.
You can create an RSS to be alerted if anyone is writing a shoutout to “teachablemoment” by going to Tweetscan, searching for “teachablemoment” and then subscribing to the RSS feed.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

MixBook - Collaborative Flip Books

Very slick flash application for creating collaborative flip books. Unfortunately not particularly userfriendly or intuitive. However I love the concept and the final product! See the flippable version here.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Personalized MultiMedia Music Magazine -idiomag This has to be a great way to encourage advanced students to read. Not neccessary to sign up in order to create a magazine which includes music, photos, video and news articles, based on your preferred artists, but if you do sign up you can also keep archives and get a widget to embed in your blog or social network. Great fun!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Free Sponsored Yugma Premium for Bloggers

Just come through the twitter vine - via Langwitches.
Free Sponsored Yugma Premium accounts for bloggers.

"Yugma want to thank all bloggers and Yugma users for taking the time to find Yugma, use Yugma, and share Yugma with others."
Effective today, and running until January 31, 2008, they'll be donating sponsored Yugma Premium accounts to bloggers who ask. Each sponsored account will be good for 12 months! Request an account by sending an email to blogger[at] Include your email address and blog website address. (Limit one sponsored Yugma account per blog site.
"Bloggers! What can you do with your Yugma Premium account? Well, just about anything, really. Meet with others virtually to review software or web apps. Collaborate online with your teams. Help others remotely. The clock is ticking. Request your sponsored account today!

After you get your sponsored account, you should consider signing up to Yugma's Affiliate Program to earn extra money."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


This new site for spelling practice and games came from tbarrett via twitter.

After entering a list of words, students get a choice of activities which include spelling the words after listening to each one read aloud, both alone and in a sentence, word scramble and a hangman game.

This is the blurb for teachers from the site
"1. Tell your students about this site as the best way to practice for their tests.

2. Print out spelling games with your lists such as UnScramble & WordSearch.

3. Save your spelling lists on the site so they are ready for your students to practice with. To save your lists, you start by registering (which is totally free) above.

4. Put a link on your classroom's or school's website so this site is easily accessible to your students.

While SpellingCity is now up and running, it is far from finished. We have alot that we will add. For instance, we will provide printable and online learning games which work automatically with your spelling lists. In the meantime, here are some spelling and vocabulary learning games (which are not yet integrated). Bookmark us and come back soon... "