Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Frozen Peas - Social media to support a cause

Why the frozen pea theme in my previous post? Last week pea avatars and "tweets" about peas, started to appear on Twitter, these led me to and to Susan Reynold's blog BoobsOnIce. Susan 'Cancer Patient in Social media soul' is using social media to help raise awareness to breast cancer. In her blog she shares her journey with us. In order to add 'a touch of lightness to what could have been a sad and serious tale' Susan relates how she used a bag of frozen peas as an ice-pack to sooth her cleavage after the initial diagnostic examination. As Twitter followers started to post pea avatars in identification with Susan and her desire to raise awareness to breast cancer the Frozen Pea Fund was set up. See also Duncan Riley on TechCrunch Canyou spare the peas?"


mrmayo said...


Would you be interested in having your students add to our collaborative Twitter story, @manyvoices? If so, please let me know! George in DC

mrmayo said...

btw, I'm @mrmayo on Twitter.

Dave said...

This is David Neff over at the American Cancer Society. Thanks for helping us the spread the word about something that effects thousands of women every year. Breast Cancer is treatable when caught early.


P.S. If your coming to SXSW hear us talk Frozen Peas at our Interactive Panel.