Monday, April 7, 2008

MyStudiyo - Quiz Creator

At you can create two kinds of quiz, "Promote it Quiz" with your questions, "User Can Add Quiz" your questons and users' questions, you moderate. Or embed an existing quiz in your blog or web page, as I did just below.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Publishing Google Forms to Blogger Blogs

1) In your blog settings click on the "Email" tab.
2) Fill in the empty field in "mail-to-blogger address" - use something you can remember
3) Check the "Publish emails immediately" radio button - then save settings
4) Go to, sign in
5) Create your form
6) Click on "Save" and "Next, choose recipients"
7) Write the email address for your blog in the "Invite" field
8) Choose any other options that suit you and edit the "Custom Confirmation" text.
9) Click on "Invite People"
The form is automatically published in your blog, and replies collected in a google spreadsheet.

See the form in previous post!


 Just a small demo form         

If you cannot view this form properly, you can fill it out here:

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