Saturday, November 17, 2007

VoiceThread as a Collaborative EFL learning space.

I don't think I have mentioned VoiceThread in this blog as yet, surprising really, as if I were to choose one web2.0 application for EFL elementary, voicethread would be the one.

Although a written description doesn't do it justice here is a quick summary of the features.
Userfriendly application which allows you to create an online album of photos, pictures, video and documents, invite others to contribute by recording their voices, doodles, text, video(web cam) or even uploading mp3 they have prepared ahead of time.
Threads can be public or private, comments allowed or not, moderated or not. Did I mention Userfriendly? VoiceThread is free for teachers, after requesting a teacher's account you can create unlimited VoiceThreads. Although it is neccessary to register with a confirmable email address, one account can be used for a whole classroom, teacher simply needs to add extra identities to his account ie an identity for each student.

So why the intro? Until last week I had only tried voicethread with a small group of students, however last week my two 5th grade classes (about 70 students) started working on this thread.
I was happy to see that the interface was easy for them to learn, but much happier when I finally got home at the end of the day and could listen to their work.
They did a really good job!
I'm now looking for classes to join us on the thread, it is moderated so comments won't show up until I approve them - (yes, a couple of my students recorded things that I'm happy I got a chance to erase before they were seen/heard by others - also a couple of the student recordings were drowned out by a very loud teacher - who has only just realized exactly how loud she is!)

I have started a collection of voicethreads for efl elementary it can be seen at if you'd like to add yours to the list just add a comment to this post.


Larry Ferlazzo said...

Hi, Susan,

Thanks for including me in your blogroll. I hope you'll consider submitting this post, or another, to the EFL/ESL Carnival:

Challenge said...

Hi Susan,
Great blog. Nice to see our blog in your blogroll. Thank you for answering our voice thread.
Looking forward to more collaborative work.

David said...


I owe you for turning my head towards voicethread! I instantly saw the "functionability" of it, as you had......

I finally have a source for the pics I want to use for a "news" voicethread. I'll be promoting it later....

Also, I'll link and promote your own voicethreads, a teaching resource!


PS. I've also listed this new blog in our members directory.